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XDriven Truck Blind-Spot System

XDriven Blind-Spot Systems for Commercial Trucks use ultrasonic sensors and SCC's revolutionary new X-Wire technology, with rear, front corner, step and cyclist blind spot protection now available. Combined with a sophisticated noise reduction system to reduce false alarms from rain or wind, XDriven can provide greater safety and convenience than ever before.

Front Corner, Step and Cyclist Blind-Spot Protection

XDriven front corner, step and cyclist blind spot detection uses 4 sensors to protect the whole of the nearside of the tractor unit warning the driver of both stationary and moving obstacles such as bollards, cyclists or pedestrians. The audible warnings make the driver aware through a series of beeps helping to prevent accidental damage and serious injury to individuals in this notoriously difficult area of the vehicle.

Rear Blind-Spot Protection

XDriven rear protect is unique in that any tractor unit fitted with an XDriven display can be used with any trailer fitted with an XDriven VPC rear system. This is perfect for maximising tractor and trailer usage whilst helping the driver make safer reversing and manoeuvring.

The 4 sensor system powers up when reverse gear is selected. Once activated, the system gives a single beep and a small LED in the centre of the display lights up. Once the rear of the vehicle comes within range (approximately 1.5 metres) of an obstacle, the audible and visible LED display warns the driver through beeps and number of lit LEDs increasing until the vehicle is 30cm from the obstacle. At this point the beeps change to a constant tone and all LEDs are lit up.

Side Blind-Spot Protection

In the final stages of development, the new XDriven Side Protect runs down the nearside of a vehicle and can warn the driver of objects such as cyclists or pedestrians while the truck or bus is turning. This is particularly useful in urban areas where cyclists often try to overtake slow moving vehicles on the nearside.