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Thanks to improved security, vehicle theft has fallen substantially, but it is still surprising how many vehicles are not fitted with an approved alarm system. The Xvision Alarm is Thatcham 2.1 Approved and comes with a tilt sensor, which together, are designed to register any attempt to break in, or even to tow the vehicle away completely.

Xvision Alarm

All commercial vehicles carry goods or tools at some time and so are a major theft risk. The knock on costs to a business or any professional who has a vehicles broken into, or that vehicle or goods stolen are not just the inconvenience of having a vehicle off the road, but can run into thousands of pounds in lost work days, loss of income, hire of alternative vehicles and paying out the insurance excess to have any damage repaired. This makes having a reliable alarm system essential and well worth serious consideration.

Thatcham 2 - 1 and Ford Approved

To many, the name Thatcham and security are synonymous. Their advice and on-going work to improve vehicle security and reduce theft now provide the industry with a trusted standard. To be Thatcham Approved is now required by most insurance companies. Add to that Ford’s seal of approval, making Xvision the only aftermarket alarm endorsed for Ford vehicles, whether you have a Fiesta or a Transit Van, and you know that this is an alarm system you can trust.

Peace Of Mind

Approved by major manufacturers, such as Ford, it is fitted by a network of trained technicians in the UK’s major Dealer Groups, Franchised Dealerships and Approved Accident Repair Centres (ARC), providing additional confidence and support. All components are covered by a parts warranty in line with that available on your vehicles.

Xvision is the UKs market leading brand of vehicle safety products. Why would you trust your vehicle security to any one else? Contact your local Dealership or Manufacturer Approved Accident Repair Centre now to have an Xvision Alarm fitted to your vehicles to help protect your vehicle and your possessions.