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About Us

Xvision is a brand of automotive safety products provided by SCC Worldwide Ltd to Franchised Dealers and Manufacturer Approved Accident Repair Centres.

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First Class Support

Founded by our Managing Director, Joe Stewart, we have been supplying the autotrade for over 40 years and we strive to excel in both the reliability of our products and the aftersales support we offer to both the dealerships that install our products and the customers who buy them.

Making Driving Safer, Easier and more Comfortable

Our goal is to provide drivers with a safer, easier and more comfortable driving experience. To do this we offer a range of comfort products such as Heated Seat elements and safety related products including Alarms; Daytime Running Lights, Parking Sensors for cars, vans, caravans, motorhomes; Parking Sensors and blind-spot warning systems for trucks and busses. After all, avoiding an accident is far better than picking up the pieces and paying the insurance excess bills after one!

Peace of Mind

Xvision products are only available through Franchised Dealers and Manufacturer Approved Accident Repair Centres. We provide technical training and support to all fitting centres to ensure customers receive the best possible service and aftersales care.

All registered Xvision products come with a 3 year parts warranty. To register your Xvision product, go to our Warranty page.

Xvision Advanced Safety Systems, Xvision Parking Sensors, Xvision Reversing Sensors, Xvision Security Products, Xvision Daytime Running Lights and Xvision Alarms are all brand names wholly owned by SCC Worldwide Limited and cannot be used for any purpose without prior written permission.