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Warranty Information

Most Xvision products offer a minimum 3 year parts warranty if the product is installed by an authorised Xvision Dealer and registered at the time of installation by either the Dealership or the end user, you the customer. A longer warranty is available for Xvision Parking Sensors on some makes of vehicle. Please check the information below and then register your Xvision product in the form below.


Xvision Parking Sensors provide customers a 3 year warranty on Vauxhall new or pre-owned vehicles. This means you can continue to use Xvision Parking sensors for years with confidence.

Unregistered Products

All unregistered products (and registered products not installed by an authorised Xvision Dealer) carry a manufacturer’s 12 month parts warranty in line with consumer legislation. Neither this nor our extended warranties affect your statutory rights.  Xvision is a premium product designed to be installed by trained technicians at authorised Dealers and does not recommend or support DIY installations.

Warranty Claims

We have been providing dealers with products for over 40 years and it is unusual for correctly installed Xvision systems to cause any issues during the lifespan of a vehicle. However, if you think any part of your Xvision system is not working as it should, please visit your authorised installer and ask them to check the system for you.

Out Of Warranty Systems

If you have an older Xvision system, do not worry as we carry spares, even for older generations of Xvision products and can point you to your nearest Xvision Authoried Dealer who will usually be happy to quote for the work.

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