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Front Parking Sensors

The bonnet design of most new cars makes it all but impossible to see where the front of the vehicle ends. Safety and convenience are of paramount importance to most drivers when they are manoeuvring and Xvision Parking Sensors detect objects that may not be visible to the driver, such as low walls or bollards.

Ford Focus with Xvision Front Sensors Kia with Front Xvision Sensors Xvision Flush Parking Sensor 

Front Parking Sensors 

Parking sensors have nothing to do with how bad or good a driver you are. All of us experience situations where we just cannot see. Accidents and scrapes cost an average of £500 to repair and even though you are insured most drivers have to pay an excess of between £250 and £1,000+ VAT for each claim. For young drivers this can be much higher. If you then add the cost of time off work, arranging hire cars and obtaining estimates etc. the total cost is far in excess of £250.

Safe Manoeuvring Made Easy

Xvision Parking Sensors can be fitted to the front and rear of both new and older vehicles to provide all round protection. The front sensors come on when you start the car, put your transmission into reverse*, or press the button to activate them and continue working until they detect nothing for more than 30 seconds, at which point they switch off. When you need them again, they will come on if you put your transmission into reverse or switch them back on manually.**

There is no sound until an object comes within range (0.9 metres). At this point the unit emits a beeping sound. As you move closer to an obstruction, the sound increases in frequency, until you are within 30cms. At this point the sound becomes a constant tone, warning the driver to stop.

Peace Of Mind

Xvision is the UK’s market leading Parking Sensor system and is approved by major manufacturers, including Ford, Jaguar and Vauxhall. All components are covered by a 3 year parts warranty when installed by an authorised Xvision Dealership or an approved Accident Repair Centre. It is fitted by a network of trained technicians in the UK’s major Dealer Groups, Franchised Dealerships and Approved Accident Repair Centres (ARC), providing additional confidence and support.

Make manoeuvring your vehicle both safer and easier. Contact your local Dealership or Manufacturer Approved Accident Repair Centre now to have Xvision Parking Sensors fitted to your vehicles to help protect you, your vehicles and others.

*All new front Xvision systems should be set up to activate when you put your transmission into reverse. If yours do not, please raise this with the installing dealer.

**If you deactivate your Xvision front parking sensors manually by pushing the button, you will need to reactivate them manually to switch the system back on.

Please check your user manual or the FAQ page for more information, or use the form on the Contact Us page to ask us any other questions.