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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:      Why should I choose Xvision Parking Sensors?

Answer:       Xvision Parking Sensors incorporate technology and appearance that stands them apart from most other systems, including:

  • Asymmetrical sensing: the software allows the sensors to “talk” to each other, ensuring the maximum amount of information about obstacles is detected. Many systems use sensors that do not communicate in this way, leaving substantial blind spots.
  • 160 Degree Detection: Xvision Parking Sensors detect across a horizontal plane of 160 degrees, minimising blindspots and even covering to the side immediately adjacent to the sensors. Most systems only detect across 60 degrees, leaving blindspots and not covering as far to the side of the vehicle.
  • Fully Flush Appearance: Xvision Paring Sensors are designed to fit flush into the bumper, give a factory fit appearance. Even angled sensors are inset, to minimise their impact on the appearance of the vehicle.

Question:     Can Xvision Parking Sensors be fitted to my car?

Answer:       The answer is almost always, “Yes!” There are very few cars that Xvision Parking Sensors cannot be fitted to.

Question:     Can I have Xvision Front and Rear Parking Sensors?

Answer:       Yes.

Question:     I have a factory fitted rear system. Can I just have Xvision Front Parking Sensors fitted?

Answer:       Yes.

Question:     Can Xvision Parking Sensors be fitted in the same position as the factory system?

Answer:       On many vehicles the answer is, “Yes”. However, on some we have positioned the installation differently for one of two reasons:

  1. Our alternative positioning gives superior coverage of the bumper to detect obstacles.
  2. The factory fit position is not accessible for aftermarket systems.

Question:     Where can I get Xvision Parking Sensors installed?

Answer:        Most Ford (UK and Europe), Vauxhall (UK) and Jaguar (worldwide) dealers will install Xvision Parking Sensors for you, as well as many UK Dealer groups. Use the “Find a Dealer” function on the homepage, or contact our Head Office for assistance using the form on the Contact page.

Question:     Which car manufacturers supply Xvision Parking Sensors to their Dealers?

Answer:       Ford (UK and Europe), Vauxhall (UK) and Jaguar (worldwide) supply Xvision Parking Sensors to their own Dealers.

Ford’s First Parts Solution, Pendragon’s Quickco and Arnold Clark’s Autoparts also supply Xvision to a wide range of other franchised dealers across the UK.

Question:     Can I install Xvision Parking Sensors myself?

Answer:       We do not recommend DIY installation as Xvision Parking Sensors are designed to be installed by a technician using the unique Xvision tools that are required to fit the sensors fully flush to the bumper.

Question:     What warranty comes with Xvision Parking Sensors?

Answer:      When Xvision Parking Sensors are installed by Franchised Dealership or Approved Accident Repair Centre, they come with a 3 year parts only warranty. If they are installed by a Vauxhall Dealer, that is automatically extended to a 5 year parts only warranty.

Question:     Can the volume be increased?

Answer:       Yes. Both Front and Rear speakers have three settings, Low, Medium and High. Check with your dealer to see what setting yours have been set at.

Question:     Can I have a visual display?

Answer:       Yes, on rear systems there is a LED Display that can be installed at the rear headlining and is visible in your rear view mirror. This display also emits the beeps. Please contact us if you need advice on a display for a front system.

Question:     Can Xvision Parking Sensors be used with a tow bar?

Answer:       Yes. Xvision Rear Parking Sensors can be set up to ignore the tow bar by your dealer. It also extends the 30cm solid tone zone out to 60cm, to give additional time and space to brake without the towbar hitting anything.

Question:     Do I have to switch Xvision Front Sensors off manually?

Answer:       No. They will switch on when you switch on the vehicle and stay active while ever they are detecting obstacles. Once they detect no obstacles for a minimum of 30 seconds, they will then go into sleep mode until you active them again, by switching them on manually, or on the current systems, by going into reverse, when they will activate with the rear systems.

Question:     Can the Xvision Front Parking Sensors be speed activated?

Answer:       Yes. Your dealer can install a module to make them speed activated, but they may charge extra for that component and service. They will come on when you drop below 6 miles per hour and go off when you drive above 6 mile per hour.

Question:     I think I have a fault. What should I do?

Answer:       If you think you have a fault in your system, please take extra care when manoeuvring until it is fixed. Contact the Dealer who installed the system and arrange for them to check, and if necessary, correct the fault.

Question:     My system is more than 3 years old and looks like an older version of Xvision. Are parts still available for my system?

Answer:       Yes. We keep a stock of components for our systems for several years, even after we upgrade our systems.

If you did not find the answer to your question in the information above, please use the form on the contact page to ask us your question directly.