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Caravan & Motorhome

SCC's X-Wire Reversing Systems for caravans and motorhomes incorporate a new and unique technology that makes it possible to add a parking aid to the rear of your vehicle, making manoeuvring safer and easier.

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Manoeuvring Safely

Reversing in service station car parks, laybys, driveways or side roads and pulling back into camping site bays is now far safer and easier with the unique new reversing system from SCC Worldwide. The system provides an audible warning when obstructions are detected and an LED Display shows which side of the vehicle the obstruction is on.

Costly Repairs

In recent years insurers have seen a 30% rise in claims involving caravans and motorhomes being reversed into walls, fences, gateposts and trees and repairs can be very costly. 
“Reversing incidents are becoming increasingly common amongst caravan owners in the UK. Last year 29% of all claims made to Caravan Guard were from customers who had hit immobile objects such as walls, posts and gateposts when manoeuvring or reversing their caravan. Reversing damage is often severe with the average repair cost coming in at £1,819”.

Unique Technology

SCC's X-Wire Reversing Systems for caravans and motorhomes use unique X-Wire technology, which allows the systems to be installed on both new and pre-owned caravans and motorhomes without installing additional wiring the whole length of the vehicle. This means that you can have a parking aid fitted to the rear of your vehicle, quickly and easily, at an affordable price.

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SCC Worldwide is Europe's largest reversing systems supplier and provides advanced systems for cars, buses, trucks, caravans and motorhomes. For more information about our unique caravan and motorhome systems, use the links to the right, or click the link to the left to see our video.
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