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Heated Seats

SCC Worldwide's products make driving safer, easier and more comfortable. The last thing you need on a cold morning is a cold seat. Xvision Heated Seat Inserts convert your existing car seats into heated seats with 3 thermal settings for your comfort.

 Icy Windshield 

Heated Seats

Xvision Heated Seat elements are now available for your driver and front passenger seat positions and will help avoid the chills cold seats cause when you sit in your car. Your seats will look just like factory fitted models as the covered elements are positioned beneath the existing seat cover.

The temperature can be adjusted between off, high and low to suit individual preferences. A switch is installed for each seat, in a convenient position either on the dashboard or seat base, enabling both front passengers to set their own preferred heating level.

The covered elements can be used in almost any vehicle* and come complete with the necessary cables and switch.

  • Comfort tested for fit and heat levels
  • Quick Heating in just one to two minutes – faster than your cars heater
  • Up to 90W output – switch to Off, Low or High
  • Carbon Fiber elements for both seat and back
  • OEM standard
  • 3 Year Warranty

Ask your local Xvision Car Dealership for more details.


*Not suitable for glued seats.