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Caravan System March 2014

 The brand new product that makes manoeuvring a caravan or motorhome safe and easy.

Reversing in service station car parks, laybys, driveways or side roads and pulling back into camping site bays is now far safer and easier with the unique new reversing system from SCC Worldwide Ltd.

Insurers have seen a huge rise in claims involving caravans and motorhomes being reversed into walls, fences, gateposts and trees in recent years. Settled claims in 2011 saw up to a 30% increase compared to 2010 and the trend continued in 2012 according to Caravan Guard. “Reversing incidents are becoming increasingly common amongst caravan owners in the UK. Last year 29% of all claims made to Caravan Guard were from customers who had hit immobile objects such as walls, posts and gateposts when manoeuvring or reversing their caravan. Reversing damage is often severe with the average repair cost coming in at £1819”.

X-Wire reversing sensors use the caravan or motorhome’s existing wiring, so they can be fitted retrospectively to any make or model. A portable windscreen mounted display unit plugs into the towing vehicle’s 12v supply (or cigar lighter) and can be used in any car, so the system still works perfectly should the user change their car. A discreet audio/visual display unit is hard wired and fitted to the dashboard for motorhomes.

X-Wire offers great value. Fully fitted the system costs just £399 and can be used everywhere, motorway service stations, lay-bys and campsites, without the need to unhitch the caravan. Available, fitted, from authorised dealers, X-Wire reversing sensors have been specifically developed for motorhomes and touring caravans and offer some significant advantages and differences compared to motor movers and cameras. Cameras are affected by dirt, condensation, night vision and can give difficulty in judging distance.

X-Wire reversing sensors weigh less than 1 kilo fully fitted. That’s less than 2.2 lbs, or the weight of a bag of sugar. A motor mover for comparison is heavy, and significantly increases the weight of the caravan, limiting the amount of equipment you can store inside the caravan while on the move and increasing fuel consumption and tyre wear. With X-Wire you don’t have to leave the bikes, barbeques and sun loungers at home!

Type Approved, NCC verified and trusted by leading manufacturers.

X-Wire is the ONLY reversing system, whether camera or sensor operated, to be registered and verified by the NCC to meet with EEC standards, EMC approvals and Type approved for caravans and motorhomes. X-Wire utilises brand new state of the art X-Wire technology and is unlike any other system available. Intelligent software provides accurate detection of narrow and round objects. SCC have been providing safety systems to the automotive industry for over 40 years. Many motor vehicle manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall already fit SCC's Xvision reversing sensors to their cars.

The key benefits:

Protects the caravan or motorhome: avoids bumps, scrapes and costly insurance claims.

Easy to use: screen/dashboard mounted audio/visual display unit.

Takes the stress out of manoeuvring, reversing or parking a caravan or motorhome.

X-Wire can be installed on any caravan or motorhome, new or pre-owned.

X-Wire can be added to a caravan or motorhome finance agreement.

X-Wire can be installed during a regular service.

X-Wire comes with a 3 year guarantee.

SCC’s unique X-Wire technology uses the caravan or motorhome’s existing wiring.

X-Wire is great value, fully fitted for an RRP of just £399.


How does X-Wire work?

Please see the link to YouTube below

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Reversing or parking a caravan can be hazardous because the two vehicles articulate, making it hard to see anything behind the caravan. X-Wire does not require any extra wiring between the caravan and towing vehicle. Simply connect the caravan to the towing vehicle in the normal way and once the caravan is connected, attach the X-Wire LED Display to the vehicle’s windscreen and plug the cable in to an auxiliary power source i.e. a cigar lighter socket.

X-Wire is automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. The ultra-sonic sensors emit a beam, which will detect objects at the rear of the caravan. As you reverse, audible beeps become more rapid and more LEDs will light up, going from amber to red. The display indicates on which side of the caravan the object is. A solid stop tone can be heard when the caravan is 24 inches or 60 cm, from the object. For motorhome applications the system works in just the same way.

X-Wire is a trading title of SCC Worldwide Ltd.

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