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XDriven Caravan Reversing System

SCC's XDriven Reversing System uses the caravan's existing wiring, so it can be fitted retrospectively to any make or model of caravan. A portable windscreen mounted display unit plugs into the towing vehicle’s 12v supply (or cigar lighter) and can be used in any car, so the system still works perfectly if you change your car.


Safe & Easy

Reversing or parking a caravan can be hazardous because the two vehicles articulate, making it hard to see anything behind the caravan. XDriven makes manoeuvring safer and easier and does not require any extra wiring between the caravan and towing vehicle. Simply connect the caravan to the towing vehicle in the normal way and once the caravan is connected, attach the XDriven LED Display to the vehicle’s windscreen and plug the cable in to an auxiliary power source i.e. a cigar lighter socket.

How It Works

XDriven is automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. The ultra-sonic sensors emit a beam, which will detect objects up to 150cm at the rear of the caravan and up to 60cm at the corners. As you reverse, audible beeps become more rapid and more LEDs will light up. The display indicates on which side of the caravan the object is. A solid tone can be heard when the caravan is 60 cm from the object and the central red LEDs light up, warning the driver to stop.

Key Benefits

  • Protects the caravan avoiding bumps, scrapes and costly insurance claims. 
  • Takes the stress out of manoeuvring, reversing or parking a caravan. 
  • XDriven can be installed on any caravan, new or pre-owned. 
  • Easy to use screen mounted audio/visual display unit. 
  • XDriven can be added to a caravan finance agreement. 
  • X-Wire technology uses the caravan’s existing wiring. 
  • XDriven can be installed during a regular service. 
  • XDriven comes with a 3 year guarantee. 
  • XDriven is great value, fully fitted for an RRP of just £399.

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