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Truck & Bus

Xvision Safety Systems for Commercial Trucks and Buses or Coaches use our revolutionary new Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC), ultrasonic sensors and DataCAN technology, with rear, front corner, step and cyclist blind spot protection now available. Combined with a sophisticated noise reduction system to reduce false alarms from rain or wind, Xvision can provide greater safety and convenience than ever before.

RHAFORSSafe Loading Pass Scheme

Xvision Commercial Safety Systems

DataCAN is a unique communication technology, overcoming the need to hardwire systems between the trailer and tractor unit on articulated vehicles. On rigid trucks and coaches it eliminates the necessity of running cables the full length of the vehicle. DataCAN is not a “through the atmosphere” transmitted system and is not susceptible to external interference. This allows any tractor unit fitted with an Xvision display, to be used with any trailer fitted with an Xvision VPC System.

Health and Safety

All companies and drivers are now legally responsible for making certain they have taken every precaution to cover any blind spots when manoeuvring their vehicles. This can be done by using a trained person (Banksman) to guide them or, more conveniently, by installing an Xvision Safety System. All companies are also responsible for and have a legal obligation to ensure that any vehicles visiting their premises have taken every safety precaution necessary to cover any blind spots.

Blind-Spot Protection

Xvision front corner, step and cyclist blind spot detection uses 4 sensors to protect the whole of the nearside of the cab or tractor unit, warning the driver of both stationary and moving obstacles such as bollards, cyclists or pedestrians.

Xvision rear protect is unique in that
any tractor unit fitted with an Xvision display can be used with any trailer fitted with an Xvision VPC rear system.

Xvision Side Protect runs down the nearside of a vehicle and can warn the driver of objects such as cyclists or pedestrians while the truck or bus is turning. This is particularly useful in urban areas where cyclists often try to overtake slow moving vehicles on the nearside